15 Metaverse Games For Android & IOS Devices (Play-To-Earn Games)

Metaverse Games Virtual Reality

Metaverse games are online games built into the blockchain to enable users to explore, play their favorite games and create experiences in virtual reality.

There are two main ideas dominating metaverse games; they give users a sense of immersive 3D worlds and create an ecosystem for players to earn an income while playing their favorite games.

Let’s consider Fortnite a popular virtual reality combat game, where users can personalize avatars and battle other players on game consoles, mobile or desktop devices.

Metaverse games integrate cryptocurrencies into their ecosystem.

Players can buy digital assets, pay for upgrades, unlock special features and sell items on in-game marketplaces.

Most metaverse games make it convenient for gamers and creators to sell collectibles and custom-made assets and charge a premium for their creations.

These games get developed as an extended version of reality where users can interact with other players worldwide, collaborate and build shared experiences.

This article reviews the best metaverse games for desktop, android, and IOS devices for game-play and play-to-earn integration.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Play to Earn Metaverse Games for Money and Cryptocurrencies

Metaverse games aren’t only for fun or entertainment; they offer a way for players to earn real money through in-game currencies, tokens, or cryptocurrencies.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and hand-picked the best metaverse games that support play-to-earn modules.

Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a metaverse virtual reality game where players breed NFT monsters known as Axies for battle.

Axies can be bred to produce trait-altered offspring-like pets but are generally categorized into classes such as aquatic pets, beasts, and birds, each having unique strengths and weaknesses.

Players are rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens when Axies get sold on in-game marketplaces. There are two in-game tokens on axie infinity; AXS and SLP.

AXS is used in the marketplace as a fee to level up Axies. Players earn AXS as income from the sale of Axies, land, cosmetics, and in-game consumables.

Slick Love Portion (SLP) is earned as experience points during game-play and required when breeding Axies.


Sandbox is a virtual reality platform where users can hang out, play games, and enjoy several interactive experiences.

In-game quests and adventures are created for users to play and earn $SAND tokens and exchange them for actual cash.

Sandbox has an approximate land mass of 166,464, which is available, and each land is 2.28acres.

Users can purchase these digital lands for virtual real estate and resell them at any given time.


Roblox is a virtual reality gaming platform where players and developers collaborate, develop, build games and share experiences.

Developers can build exciting games and monetize their content with easy-to-use tools and resources on Roblox.

Players purchase in-game assets using Robux, the de-facto currency on Roblox, and exchange it for real money.


Decentraland is a VR platform where users can play games, purchase land and create experiences in virtual reality. It has similar features to Sandbox.

Games like blackjack and roulette are available on a decentraland virtual casino, called decentral games, where users can play and earn $DG tokens.

Decentraland has an average landmass of 90,601 and 2,756 square feet. It has an attraction for artists, creating virtual art galleries to sell NFTs.

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Illuvium is a popular metaverse virtual reality game known as The Fight for ETH. The main goal of players is finding strong beings, called Illuvials, where they battle, and winners get rewarded accordingly.

Built on the ethereum blockchain, Illuvium has a colorful and user-friendly environment for gamers to explore and play to earn.

Star Atlas:

Star Atlas is a multi-player metaverse game built on the Solana blockchain. Its game-play mode revolves around space explorations where users travel with their avatars and join alien races.

Players support star atlas’ dual-token economy through in-game transactions and asset purchases like ships, fuel, crews, and lands.

Second Life

Second Life is one of the most popular virtual reality platforms of all time, created in 2003 as a virtual world for users to purchase digital assets and explore several experiences.

Users can make purchases using the in-game currency, Linear Dollar, directly swapped for actual cash.

Horizon Worlds:

Horizon worlds started as a VR platform similar to Minecraft, primarily for building games, and then evolved into a social interactive metaverse VR platform.

It is available on the oculus headsets and is limited to players in Canada and the U.S.

There are built-in tools and resources for users to play and create games, explore experiences and interact with others in virtual reality.

Players on horizon worlds can earn money by participating in community competitions to win cash prizes.

Metaverse Games to Play on Android and IOS Devices

The most popular metaverse games are available on desktop devices than mobile devices because they require tons of processing power.

However, there are some metaverse games you can play on your android or IOS devices.

Some of these games let you earn while enjoying your favorite experiences in virtual reality. Here’s a list of metaverse games that are both available on both android and IOS devices:


Fortnite is a multi-player metaverse virtual reality game where players are allowed to compete in combat or duo fighting until a winner emerges.

Strategic thinking is one of the unique skills needed to win when battling in combat mode, as each competition can have up to 100 active players.


Minecraft is one of the most popular virtual reality games of all time.

Players get to play pre-defined missions or create their experiences within Minecraft’s ecosystem (survival mode and creative modes).

The game provides simple tools to enable players to create buildings, shelters, and more. In survival mode, players can battle mobs and search for supplies.

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Real Realm (Crypto war):

Real Realm is a blockchain metaverse-based game that has grown in popularity, amassing thousands of players all around the globe.

The in-game mechanics revolve around creating clans and inviting friends to build empires, defend against rival conquerors, and enhance war experiences.

Players enjoy their favorite game experiences, and earning money makes a great addition to play-to-earn crypto games.


Binemon is another metaverse virtual reality game that allows players to collect virtual pets as NFTs; train, fuse or sell them on in-game marketplaces.

Virtual pets battle against each other, and the winners earn rewards and unique assets like lands or virtual eggs that get traded.


Devikins is a metaverse VR role-playing game (RPG) that centers around NFT game pets called Devikins, where players get to train and breed these creatures.

The creatures bred have their unique combat attributes. Players compete to win Devicoin, the platform’s in-game cryptocurrency, and can trade their NFT pets for money.


Cindrum is a blockchain metaverse VR game designed for players to interact and socialize.

Players are given full customization options for their avatars and allowed to create and monetize their digital assets.

It’s only available on android, but the IOS version should be out by the second quarter of 2022.

Solera X:

Solera X is a virtual reality game that focuses on utilities and power grids while players explore energy and power generation processes.

The primary aim of the game is to educate as many people as possible on how to become energy and financially independent.

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Metaverse games are the next generation of digital games disrupting the gaming industry and virtual reality space. While few games are up and running, others are currently in their testing phases.

Integrating metaverse games with blockchain technology and NFTs created new ways to purchase and redeem in-game assets and collectibles.

Rewards and in-game currencies were mainly for entertainment purposes, which may one day be a viable income stream for gamers.

Metaverse games bridge the gap between virtual worlds and the real world, allowing users to shape virtual reality and create experiences they desire.

We have a long way to go in developing a fully realized metaverse, especially one that would put interoperability at its forefront.

Allowing users to switch between metaverse games taking their digital assets with them and not necessarily having to switch avatars as they go.

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