Roblox VR: Can Roblox Vr Games Hold The Metaverse Fort?

Roblox VR Games Metaverse

Roblox Vr is an add-on that allows users, creators, and developers to enhance their Roblox experience in virtual reality.

Since its launch in 2016, Roblox VR games have gained traction as more attention shifts towards virtual reality and the metaverse.

If you’re not familiar with Roblox, it is an online gaming platform designed to enable users to create games and experiences for other players to explore.

Roblox’s user base has grown exponentially over the past few years, with record growth surpassing popular games like Minecraft.

Data from Backlinko shows 43.2 million active users are spending 2.6 hours on average every day on Roblox.

In an interview with the CEO of Roblox, David Baszucki, he reiterated the position of Roblox through virtual reality in building out the metaverse.

According to him, Roblox enables users to create identities with personalized avatars sharing and exploring experiences with their friends in virtual reality.

This article delves deeper into Roblox VR and the possibilities of Roblox VR games in accelerating early adoption of the metaverse.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How Does Roblox Vr Games Work?

To enjoy a top-notch experience with virtual reality games on Roblox would mean being heavily dependent on the quality of your computer hardware.

Roblox provides an extensive list of the computer hardware requirements, the operating system, internet connectivity, and VR headsets specifications needed to support Roblox VR.

An Oculus Rift headset or the HTC Vive is ideal when playing Roblox VR games to experience an immersive 3D virtual world.

However, it’s necessary to know that oculus (meta quest) announced that they would discontinue support for the oculus rift series.

Opting for the “oculus quest” or the “oculus quest 2” headsets would be your best bet for a frictionless experience when playing VR games on Roblox.

Would Roblox Vr Games Accelerate Early Adoption of the Metaverse?

Gaming in the metaverse would require an in-depth sense of immersion, from high-quality graphics to sleek perception of sound and fast internet connectivity.

In the interview mentioned earlier, when asked how far away is this Metaverse and how is Roblox going to get us there, the CEO of Roblox responded by saying:

“We’re actually in the middle of it right now. There are over 200 million roughly monthly people on the Roblox platform every month. They do a lot of things. They have an identity; they have an avatar. They do stuff together. Sometimes when they can’t be together in person, they’ll go to a birthday party together or graduate from high school together.” -David Baszucki

Roblox VR games aren’t there yet, considering most VR games are developed by kids who have little to no experience in game development.

Some VR games designed on Roblox don’t require virtual reality headsets or related VR gadgets for gameplay which strengthens the argument.

It also defeats the primary purpose of enhancing the Roblox experience in virtual reality.

Unless Roblox takes the milestone head-on, it may take a very long time to catch up to speed.

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What are the Drawbacks with Roblox VR Integrations?

Development towards building out the metaverse is still in its infancy, making it difficult to predict a turnout of events.

Although there is optimism about the future of Roblox VR and the metaverse, drawbacks with Roblox VR integrations raise concern.

Most of what we know about shaping the metaverse remains predictions and speculations of what is to come.

Let us go over some drawbacks with Roblox VR integrations.

#1 Mobile Devices Account for Majority of Roblox Users

Roblox VR games are designed to provide a sense of immersion using VR headsets and controllers for gameplay.

However, there are more players on Roblox using mobile devices than there are on desktop platforms or game consoles.

Data from backlinko reveals 72% of Roblox user sessions happen on mobile devices, 25% from desktop platforms, and 3% via game consoles.

Amongst the 202 million monthly active users on Roblox, this implies that over 145 million users join in with their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, these figures do not even account for the number of users playing dedicated VR games on Roblox.

A steady transition from mobile devices to desktop devices should be encouraged for Roblox VR games to thrive.

#2 Roblox VR Games require High-End Computer PCs

Not all computer systems are created equal, and most definitely, not all computer pcs are built to support VR functionality.

When climbing a staircase, your avatar jumps in different directions and goes through walls. You leap with your avatar, and the next thing, your avatar, has three multiples spinning in the air.

When your computer pc specifications don’t meet the requirements for applications and game functionalities, this is an example of what happens.

It’s one of the reasons Roblox players complain of having lags when playing their favorite games on desktop platforms.

Roblox VR games require computer systems with certain specifications for a seamless VR experience which also applies to mobile devices.

Kids under the age of 16 make up 67% of Roblox users which leaves purchasing power in the hands of their guardians.

High-end computer pcs and VR headsets are expensive, which puts some limitations on the cost barrier for entry.

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#3 Sexual Explicit Games on Roblox raises concerns

Scented con or condos is slang used by Roblox users when referring to sexually explicit or illicit games on Roblox.

As much as Roblox tries to clamp down on such games, they end up resurfacing in various degrees.

The problem of sexually explicit games or content is not unique to Roblox, but the large population of minors on the platform raises concerns.

Studies have shown that continued exposure to pornographic content can distort their view of sexuality, negatively impact their mental health and increase the chances of sexual violence in minors.

“One British dad who decided to check out the game his sons were obsessed with was shocked to discover avatars having virtual sex.”
-Family Zone

Online gaming communities like Roblox and social media platforms aren’t different when masking one’s identity and remaining anonymous.

With 14% of Roblox users being over 25 years of age, you never know who your newfound friend on Roblox is in real-time.

Though Roblox is working round the clock with 1,600 people working to remove sexually explicit content from the platform, such type of content still thrives.

#4 Centralised Governing Power on Roblox

Decentralization is a common trend among virtual reality platforms giving governing power back to their users.

The idea of having decentralized governing power ensures decisions are reached collectively and made in the best interest of gaming communities.

Virtual reality platforms like Decentraland have implemented DAOs to ensure such processes run smoothly.

Roblox has a centralized governing body or authority responsible for changes to the Roblox ecosystem.

There have been allegations on Roblox corporation for implementing biased regulations and policies to exploit game developers with outrageous revenue cuts.

Roblox corporation would have to make changes to its governing policy to stay relevant as virtual reality gaming platforms transition to building out the metaverse.

Decentralization is the language of the metaverse. There would be no central body calling the shots or imposing biased regulations.

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Roblox VR was designed as an opportunity for players, creators, and developers to have fun while creating experiences in virtual reality.

Over the past five years, there has been growing interest in Roblox VR games on both desktop and mobile devices.

With the bulk of Roblox user sessions coming from mobile devices, it’s no wonder certain VR games get built to run on mobile.

The best experiences for Roblox VR games come with a price; high-end computer systems and gadgets like VR headsets are expensive for the average person.

Roblox also provides privacy settings that help guardians regulate how their wards navigate the virtual reality space.

Nevertheless, there is room for improvement in creating better and more immersive virtual reality gaming experiences on Roblox VR games.

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